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fun facts:

  • i've lived on both american coasts
  • i have 3 dogs
  • i have dislocated my left knee well over 15 times in the span of a decade
  • i'm doing my best, kind of :)

about me and this site

howdy. i go by several names on the internet. (lau)ren, lynn, momo, or hailey are often the names i cycle thru.

i'm a 23-yr-old bisexual seasian freak weirdo girl.
she/her if u must refer to me for whatever reason...

very unaware of my own identity and it shows.

i'm a full-time hater. i'm scared of others. and i'm a somewhat willing victim to self-sabotage. >_<

there are some secret pages on this site... they are a bit messy but probably a little more interesting than the main site. so have fun browsing thru them if u find them. ^_^

and if you'd like to contact me, send me letters, poems, or anything else my email is: puppinu@proton.me

thank u for visiting...have a good day!