i put avocado valley somewhere near and around the anza-borrego state park. the story was originally meant to be set in borrego springs, but i thought it’d be both more interesting and a fun challenge to come up with my own fictional town in california.

i used to draw the devils with horns, and alphonso had rams-like horns. coupled with his fluffy hair, he did kind of encapsulate the borrego image. i’m still iffy on whether to keep the horns or not.

i've been sort-of "working" on this story since around 2015, when i was a freshman in high school. i've never had a solid grip on the exact plot, and both the story and the characters have gone through so, so many changes - yet at the same time, they haven't changed much at all. this is a "project" that will probably be forever stuck in purgatory, if i'm being cynically honest here, but i do have some hopes for myself actually making something of it. especially since it's been almost a decade since it began!!!

originally, this was a superhero story that was borne from an art class project - and alphonso, the main character, didn't even exist yet.

background photo by steve harvey on unsplash.