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happy valentines

14 Feb, 2024

cleaned my bathroom last night. i hate cleaning!!! but once i get started, i kinda like doing it. teehee. well it was nice. i also bought a monitor riser for my desk yesterday, and it feels like i have more desk space now. yippee! today is valentine's day, and i went to have dinner with some of my friends. kbbq, and i usually have a hard time eating a lot in general but AYCE places are the bane of my...tummy.... but i honestly ate a lot more than i usually do at places like that. yum yum yum...

tomorrow morning i've gotta go to class since i skipped on tuesday... but i'm planning on going to the mall to visit the friends that i just had dinner with since they work tomorrow evening. and i also haven't been to the store that they work at yet. not for myself, anyway, i went around christmas time to buy some last minute gifts but because of that i didn't really get to look around for myself.

i've gone on another media switch, as usual. i'm always going back and forth between things that i've watched a million times already - i hate change!!! but i am always changing.

i need a job. PRONTO. but i hate working!!! i hate working more than i like making money, i must confess. i would literally rather [REDACTED] than work - but sometimes. we have to do things we hate. SIGH! 😔😔😔

song of the day: lovesong by frontliner. yippee!!!