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belated new year

16 Apr, 2024

happy belated new year to other lao people. today is the "last day" of the celebrations, but i didn't go to any ones near me (except for last week). i planned on going to one a couple cities over - but then i realized that 1) i didn't want to wake up early, and 2) i didn't really want to see old acquaintances. luckily my parents brought food back for me. :p

i've been more tired than usual. i also missed a psych appointment today. >_<

lately, i have been…. archiving…… tv shows and movies so that i have something to watch/fall asleep to.

finals are coming up and even though i'm stressing about it, as people do, i'm also being my usual lazy self and not really studying or taking things seriously. >_<

realized that i do so so sooooo much introspection - like maybe 24/7 - but i don't put it to use. i kind of just think about what's wrong with me all the time and then i dwell on it and become sad and then do absolutely nothing about it. the fixed mindset struggle. 🫡

WELL. here's the songs for week 2 of april.