i think a lot of thoughts and i write them down sometimes

umm. well, on the 6th, tuesday, i went to ikea with three friends. had lunch (breakfast) there and one of my friends bought a new desk for her room. and then we went to wal-mart to see if we could find bee swarm (roblox) merch. we didn't find any. i ended up buying a natgeo digging kit, though. lol. it was the shark tooth one, and it was NOT kidding when it said it was going to be messy. i think there's sand/clay all over my carpet.

not much else until the 9th, yesterday, when i went out of town to go see a dinosaur animatronic exhibit. one friend from the same ikea group (⚠), her relative, and another friend (❢) who lives in the city we were visiting. ❢ was the one who convinced us all to go with her. before we went to the dinos, ❢ got us some onigiri and toast from raising cane's. it was my first time having anything from raising cane's, but that toast was really good. killed some time at a store near the exhibit, then went in. the experience itself was kinda funny. apparently the animatronics are life-sized. a t-rex is smaller than i thought. but honestly, walking around all of those supposedly life-sized models, i thought that if dinosaurs were still alive, i think it would be extremely scary.

then we shopped around some more after we left the experience, and i bought some stickers and a pokemon notebook. also bought a portable charger because on the way to ❢'s city, i had an online class that i couldn't really afford to miss, and it took up almost all of my phone's battery. sad!!!

ANYWAY. something bad happened that i don't wanna talk about. it wasn't HORRIBLE, but like. UGH.

i'm going to fucking kms!!! 👍 :D

well.................. it ruined my mood and my appetite (kinda), but we went inside to eat anyway after that mess. i ate a decent amount, i guess, and the food was good. then we went to get dessert at a boba/dessert cafe. then went home. did a little bit of trivia with ❢ and ⚠ on the way back and listened to some throwbacks...

it truly is what it is, i guess, but i still feel like shit after That Incident!!! whatever. i'll get over it kind of. eventually. maybe. i'm so tired. today was so long. tomorrow i've got errands to run, and on the day i went to ikea, i found out my brake pads are on the fritz, so that's also cool. 👍👍👍

nightmare life that i am too weak to handle!!! awesome.

song of the week... lol...