spring semester is (technically) over and we are heading into summer break…! except that i have summer classes… luckily i have only one to worry about during the first half term (then two for the second half), but man… summer school… T_T it should be easy, though, i hope. now i'm just waiting for all my final grades to be put in.

but as the school year comes to a close, some stresses are returning to my life. not sure what i'm gonna do about them; will probably deal with them as they become too much to handle, as usual. >_< my days are not as carefree as i pretend they are…

yesterday (may the 8th) was a friend's birthday so we went out to eat korean bbq. i get full way too quickly - i could only go about one and a half round of eating before i tapped out. i went crazy on the birthday cake tho. the best strawberry shortcake i ever had…

i was suddenly struck with a bout of inspiration last night for my story, but i don't know how to go about executing those ideas… especially since i'm not very confident in my storytelling skills even when (and even though) i'm just writing rough drafts. to be honest, the "story" right now is just a handful of snippets and one-offs (and fuzzy mind-worms) being held together by… spider webs… and i've been working on this thing since i was 14/15. T_T but it's still a concept that i hold near and dear to my heart.

my parents saw a stray cat today. they gave it some water and fed it the dogs' food since it seemed to be starving. i think my mom said it ate around two cans worth of food. i wanted them to catch it but my dad doesn't want to. maybe that might be best? since my parents have two of our dogs and they can be a bit aggressive/protective. i feel bad for the cat though, since it's living in between the highway and a busy parking lot.

that's all that's new so far… i've mostly just been doing the same things i usually do. i've been playing the most recent content warning update with friends and thus have been doing a lot of screaming.

songs that have been stuck in my head lately:

tommy richman - million dollar baby
the song reeks of having come from tiktok, but it's still a banger... SIGH!
that was shallow of me to say but i'll say it anyway.